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We are a unique pharmacy who have taken  enough time and all it takes to explore the world in it's entirety.     We are local first and international in our experience. We have cultivated the culture of excellence, dedication, and focus and are thrilled with what we have to deliver. We also specialize on European herbal medicine, in-situ pharmacy products, and advice on proper use of medications.     We also specialize in taking care of special needs patients, old and elderly, customized consultations and delivery of medications and other products.        We bring and deliver services that have been missing for a very long time in our daily pharmacy practice; services both available and unavailable in chain pharmacies and only dedicated pharmacy can offer. Here we are bringing the service to your door steps.       We promise you a lingering, long term, unforgettable experience by   just simply shopping with us.

We are dependable, reliable, competent.

We clearly appreciate you!

Clement Ebhodaghe is a North Carolina registered pharmacist with a wealth of pharmaceutical and clinical experience . He has practiced pharmacy in three different continents, namely Nigeria in Africa, Germany in Europe, and North Carolina in the United States of America.

Clement has worked both in retail and hospital settings keeping him fully equipped with all that it takes to be an independent pharmacist.

He has worked as the Pharmacist-in-charge at the United States Army clinic in Hohenfels, Germany, a position he held for almost five years, before working at Forsyth Medical Center, Winston -Salem and finally at Wal-Mart Pharmacy as the pharmacist-in-charge as well as the pharmacy manager for eight years.

It is no wonder that Clement decided to open his own independent pharmacy, where patient and customer care and wellness are the entire focus. Your health is our concern at Adler Pharmacy.